Simplify Your Clothes Part 4: Shopping List

Simplifying the clothes you have and buy allows you to reach into your closet, grab any items, and know they will match without thought or effort. Very handy for people who are blind, busy, or just want to simplify their life a little more.

This basically means having all your leather goods in black, your clothes in black, grey, navy or white, but also allows for one additional colour of your choice.

Based on part 1 and part 2, the following is a table describing colour and pattern choices for a simple, no-look wardrobe. As mentioned in previous entries to this series, be prepared to leave items on the rack. If you see a nice sweater in stores but it doesn’t fit your simple wardrobe, put it back down.

Leather Goods (bags, belts, watchbands, dress shoes)
Coats, gloves, winter hats
black, grey, or navy
black, grey, white, navy, or your colour
black, grey, white, navy, or your colour
grey V-neck
dark grey
Sweaters or hoodies
black, grey, white, navy, or your colour
navy, grey, or black (blue or black jeans)
black, grey, white, navy or your colour
Lounge wear 
black, grey, navy, white, or your colour
dark navy, or dark grey
Dress shirts
solid white or light blue, or white shirts with thin/tight patterns in grey, navy or your colour
Neck ties
black, grey, navy, or your colour, with white as an accent colour, look for broad or wide patterns
Pocket square
white or your colour

*** My apologies for the poor formatting of the table. It’s harder to read than i’d like but looking into formatting tables on wordpress is tiring me out too much and causing me to repeatedly delay posting this. It will have to do for now, and hopefully be improved at a later date.

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