Vision Loss Resources

Resources often depend in large part on the city, province and country you live in. Full disclosure, these are the resources I found most helpful from where I was diagnosed with vision loss (Vancouver, BC) to where I now reside (Edmonton, AB).

E-books and Audiobooks

  1. CELA – Centre for Equitable Library Access

A great resource for magazines and books. Signing up required having a CNIB membership card. A good example of a website with various visual settings for contrast alternatives, font size and font.

2. Bookshare

CELA mentions on their website the ability to search its and Bookshare’s catalogue. Both websites are worth checking out. Once again, a CNIB membership card was required to gain access, but the process was pretty simple. The website gives you access to some free e-readers for computer or smartphone. It’s an American site but provides access to worldwide users.

3. Transferring ebooks to an Amazon Kindle

A helpful article from PC Mag on getting ebooks onto an Amazon Kindle. Most ebooks from Bookshare come in EPUB format. You can use Calibre to change the ebook into MOBI format and email it to your kindle.

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