Interesting Discoveries During Vision Loss

This page is simply a random list of various things I discovered with vision loss. The page will randomly get updated with odds and ends every now and then.

If you have any questions or comments, add them below and i’ll get back to you.

  • As much as your vision sucks today, this is the best it’s going to be so enjoy it while you can.
  • If a procedure or miracle restored my eyesight tomorrow, i’d immediately go and buy a motorcycle, license or not, I don’t care, i’d get a motorcycle.
  • People I knew before losing my vision I can still see their faces well. If I meet and talk to a person long enough I also have a strong mental image of their face, but it is incredibly difficult to remember what people i’ve met several times look like.
  • Yes, the way you speak and act mean way more to me than the way you look or dress.
  • In my dreams, I see everything in 20/20, crystal clear images and colors. I am not blind in my dreams. They’ve also become longer and more vivid.
  • Occasionally I can do things and not know or care if my eyes are open and closed. Mostly, simple tasks late at night.
  • I used to wonder what blind people meant when they said it’s simply easier sometimes to keep your eyes closed than open. Seriously, closed is the relaxed state. When you’re not necessarily getting much useful information from the (for example as a passenger being driven down the highway), why expend the extra energy to keep them open? So if you’re talking to a visually impaired person, don’t find it weird if they close their eyes for an exended period of time.
  • Everything feels like a vision test.
  • Mountain bikes, with the fat tires and suspension are fantastic for a visually impaired biker. I general ride with the idea that I could at any given moment slam into a massive pothole or root that I couldn’t see or predict. Riding loose and relaxed is a must.
  • Fluorescent lights fucking suck! I can’t describe why, but I loathe fluorescent lighting so much. Indirect sunlight from a window is the best.

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