Checking In

Well hello there blog.

It’s been a decent chunk of time since my last post. No excuses, however, I decided it was time to sneak in a quick post before the daylight fades and writing or posting a blog entry gets pushed off to another day, yet again.

Daylight hours are getting shorter, I’m wearing pants again, some days have a chill in the air, and the skies are grey more often. A seasonal change is a good time to check in on yourself and that’s basically what this little blog post is about.

Generally my goal is or was to complete at least one weekly blog post. How else am I going to amass an insanely large audience and reap massive financial rewards from this blog? All kidding aside, a post per week is rather reasonable. I keep track of possible topics and have been working on several drafts that never felt quite finished, that I lost interest in, or the time just didn’t seem to be there. They just kept getting pushed back later and later in the day, and before I knew it, daylight had gone, and indirect sunlight from a large window had faded (my favorite kind of lighting). I do not like using computers in the evening. Basically once daylight is gone, I’m in simple task mode, like cooking dinner, listening to audio books, and sipping whisky.

I guess I see keeping a blog as one way of monitoring self-care, whether it’s physical, emotional or mental health. Nearly a month long absence from this blog means it has not been a great month. I wish I could say it’s because I was out skydiving, fighting crime, dating hot Instagram influencers and just generally being the most awesome blind mofo on the planet. That was not my month.

I know that in dealing with difficulties and hardships, you are not supposed to focus on the negatives, the ‘cannots’, the ‘do not want tos’, and the ‘are not able tos’. But negatives are part of the vocabulary that defines you; dis-abled, visually impaired. Welcome to a world where you really are not able to do various things that you once took for granted. This fucks with you, mentally possibly more so than physically. There are good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks.

The best thing about habits though is that every morning you have a chance to start anew. Today was a failure? Well that doesn’t mean tomorrow has to be.

So no special topic on this post, just a reminder that today does not determine tomorrow. Last week does not determine this week and it never hurts to check-in and ask if you are taking good care of yourself.

I hope you take a few minutes out of your daily routine to sit down and think about this question. Better yet, find a nice quiet spot in your favorite café and spend some time with the question.

Am I taking good care of myself?

Bring a journal if that’s your thing, or write a blog on the topic and share the link below.